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Specialising in viennoiserie (think flaky pastries including croissant, danish and palmiers), Lamin8 Viennoiserie and Patisserie, prides itself on baking everything fresh from scratch, ensuring only the very highest quality products.

In fact, the focus on viennoiserie is where Lamin8 gets its unusual name; ‘to laminate’ being to create many thin layers of dough separated by butter, produced by repeated folding and rolling resulting in light, flaky (and utterly delicious!) pastry.

The name also reflects Lamin8’s focus on innovative and unique products – from the raspberry rippled croissant to the matcha flavoured palmiers.

Even the patisserie’s more standard fare gets their signature treatment, with a range of sourdough breads ranging from a black charcoal version to a stunning bright purple loaf which has been coloured with pea flower and topped with gold dust.

Says Founder Jian Yao, “Having spent over 35 years supplying directly to the wholesale market, my team and I are so excited to be able to now connect with our consumers directly and share in their experiences of our quality yet innovative products.”

Prior to Lamin8, Jian focused entirely on his wholesale business, Continental Patisserie, which has bakeries in Silverwater and Shanghai and supplies products to some of the largest names in hotels, café chains and holiday destinations around the world including The Star, Disneyland, Godiva and soon, Universal Studios.

All this global expertise can now be seen in Lamin8’s stunning range of over 60 products available including full occasion cakes, petit fours, macarons, pies, toasted sandwiches and coffee.

We’re passionate about our patissiere and bringing you quality food
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